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How much does it cost to build a house? What’s your process? How should i go about deciding on what to buy?

Wow… that’s a lot of questions, you should probably just call us but we’ll do our best to give you some basic info and process here. Cost are dependent upon so many factors that there is no way we could give you an honest answer (and neither can anyone else that is trying to sell you house plans!) So here is what we suggest you do.

Ask a couple of builders in your area what is typical for construction cost for where you are building. Once you’ve got a general idea, find a plan that you like on our site within the overall parameters you are working with (we suggest using square footage at this stage). After you have found a plan or two, purchase the study sets from our website. The study set is the perfect tool for getting your budget established. The study set is a reduced size (11×17) copy of the floor plans and elevations of the house you are considering (It’s not ok for you to use them to build by the way, you have to buy the full set to do that!) Share that study set with a few builders that you are considering using to build your house.

Along with the study set, tell them what your quality expectations are for the interior of the house (type of flooring you may want, quality level of appliances, type of trim, etc.) and ask them to give you a budget (not a bid) based upon their experiences building that level of quality. If you get three or four guys to do this for you, you’ll not only have a very good idea of what the house is going to cost, you’ll have a wonderful introduction to a couple of builders on a very friendly non-competitive basis that will give you a much better indication of what type of builder they actually are.

We’ve done this for many years. It works! Once you’re feeling more confident about proceeding forward, purchase the plans and start your final bidding process. Once you’re done, don’t forget to send us pictures of our baby! We love baby pictures!

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